CoralApp Community Update for December 2022

CoralApp Community Update for December 2022

Coral App
2 min readJan 9, 2023


CoralApp, as you know, has been gathering steam in the Web3 space of late, and clearly, with the support of you, and our esteemed community members, as pivots, it’s here to stay. Therefore, it’s only appropriate to keep you in the loop regarding what our ensemble team has been up to. Read on to find out!

Beta Testing

We understand the significance of feedback from early users of an app in its beta phase, and that’s precisely why we got people to be part of it. The current testers have also been charged with recommending others in their network to join the test group for the next iteration of the app. Better late than never. Besides the advantage of testing the latest features of the app to give feedback, beta testers also benefit from exclusive perks and rewards that will enable them to:

  • convert their testnet CRL to mainnet (at a ratio) at the end of the beta phase.
  • earn meaningfully well for providing feedback.
  • earn for referring friends (more details soon).
  • stand a chance of becoming a CoralApp ambassador.

But that’s not all! We also have a range of community challenges and initiatives that you can take part in. These are designed to engage and inspire our community members, and provide an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people from around the world.

Data Staking

One key feature of our app is “data staking,” which will help users monetize their health data and earn more $CRL (our native token) while supporting the CoralApp ecosystem. It’s the next feature to be tested, and its rollout date will be determined and announced mid-Q1 2023.

Community Growth

Growth, they say, is the only constant thing in life. We are super excited to let you know that our communities across various social media platforms have grown significantly well in the last month. We are certain it’s an indication and a testament to the fact that we are building a great product for all and sundry.

It’s not too late to be part of our growth journey, join the coral tribe! 👇




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