Progress Update #11: CoralApp selected to participate in Binance Labs Season 4 Incubation program.

Coral App
1 min readMay 11, 2022

We are elated to announce that we have been selected alongside other amazing start-ups to join the Binance Labs Season 4 incubation program. This monumental milestone is coming on the heels of our recent update which just shows the immense work we are putting into developing a phenomenal app for you.

Over the years, Binance Labs has selected the most promising start-ups to be incubated into this program.The benefits of participating in the program are boundless, we are again humbled and look forward to taking advantage of the program offerings.

Who are we?

CoralApp is a wellness, mindfulness, fitness platform and marketplace built on blockchain technology. We are a holistic brand which offers a collection of features to enhance the user experience using web3 features.

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Coral App

Multichain Fitness, Wellness App & data aggregator built on BSC, Zilliqa, and Polygon