Progress Update #9 — CoralApp abandons female-only strategy

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2 min readJul 13, 2021

When we started our CoralApp journey earlier this year, the idea was to create a decentralized social platform dedicated to women. A borderless community of future-focused ladies around an app that would allow them to:

• Meet and discuss freely (Chat groups)
• Work on their physical and mental fitness (Health Tracker)
• Get professional help (Expert Corner)
• Do business with each other (Shop)

This seemed like a good idea. Until we found out we could make it even better.

What happened?
Early testing within the CoralApp Community gave us some really good feedback. Not only in terms of tech (usability, bugs, etc.), but also on the concept itself. For instance, we noticed quite a few men joining our community. Some of them participated in the challenges we organized to get feedback, and they loved it. Of course, we got some funny remarks about how they probably would never use the period tracker, but most of the features got them just as excited as our female testers. We also noticed couples and groups of (online) friends joining our Telegram group, who liked the idea of doing challenges and workouts together. This made us realize that our women-only approach maybe wasn’t the best approach in the first place.

So now what?
A start-up gotta do what a start-up gotta do, right? Even if this means disrupting your own ideas before you go live.

Last week we announced CoralApp will have virtual and augmented reality features when we go live this summer. Which of course is very nice, because this makes our MVP not exactly ‘minimal’. However, we feel that making our platform a more inclusive space — free for anyone to join — truly is a game changer.

Ultimately, a more inclusive world means a world where simply no one is excluded. So instead of building an app that’s a specialized niche, we are excited to open this wellness and fitness app community to everyone.

But don’t worry ladies! We didn’t forget where we came from. For instance, CoralApp wil still have a “Female Only” room to provide a free-space, as well as other features that are not particularly interesting for men.

Let the fun begin!
Get ready to experience a lot of fun and growth with this developing community while earning $CRL through community engagement and challenges in app.


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