Wireframe Wireframe 😵

  1. Analyzing our survey data — As we continue to define our user base, we survey women across the US, Europe, and Africa for inputs on our trackers. This has helped us define our story even further and has also confirmed the need for blockchain solutions to remove paywalls and ads from necessary trackers they love to use!
  2. Wireframe! Wireframe! and More Wireframe! Our UX designers at in full swing. Working on defining a simple interface that is less complicated than buying a Starbucks coffee.
  3. Our wallet connections have also being defined this week.
  4. This coming week, we will release our light whitepaper that explains our tokenomics breakdown.
Our Tracker design is simple yet powerful. |Diet | Exercise | Period | Wellness|



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CoralApp Team

CoralApp Team

CoralApp is social network based app. It is built using blockchain technology to give you a totally new wellness, mindfulness, and fitness experience.