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2 min readApr 22, 2021

The past 2 weeks have been exciting in the #CoralTribe! First ZILHive announce our participation in the ZILHive Grants Program, then we gained a few team members. More to come!

New Advisor Alert: We welcome Mark Kamphuis, Zilliqa’s former Head of Brand and Marketing, to the CoralApp team! He comes with a wealth of experience in the blockchain ecosystem and will now be our Brand Director. We’re excited to have you here Mark!.

Backend Development

  • DAO Abuse Reporting: We have built our abuse reporting structure for the CoralApp to keep the DAO safe from bad actors. This will ensure that the community reporting structure allows for a true self governance upon full project roll out.
  • Reward mechanism — The reward mechanism is built into two main areas of the app: Exercise tracker and the G-Chat. While the Exercise mechanism is under development, the G-Chat mechanism is complete and tested.

Mobile App Development -

  • Users will now be able to sign up for the CoralApp using their Google account. Easing the sign up process for those who prefer this method.
  • Added Feature: A safety tracker has now been added to the tracker feature of the application and is under development. This feature is designed to help the user send their location information to their designated contact during an emergency. Thanks to our community members for pointing out the need to include this feature. We heard and agree!

Wallet Development

  • The CRL wallet being tested

Community Participation

  • Five members of the community have volunteered to participate in our Alpha3 test to provide feedback on their experience with the application. The CoralApp team will create a test group on Telegram next week to invite the users to offer their feedback on 3 areas of the application. We thank our community members in advance for their willingness to be part of our first test!.


  • A puzzle will be placed inside the Telegram community this Saturday (Random time). That puzzle hints will contain key words in order (12 TOTAL). The words will be the key phrase to unlock a Zilliqa based wallet that will contain ONE THOUSAND (1000) ZIL Tokens! May the fastest Zilliqan win!! GOODLUCK!



Coral App

Multichain Fitness, Wellness App & data aggregator built on BSC, Zilliqa, and Polygon